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About Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System...
215 Perry Hill Road
Montgomery, AL 36109
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Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System Reviews

2 reviews
Working at the VA has been rewarding and a learning experience. I enjoy helping veterans through treatment and being a support system for them. I love listening and interacting with the veterans during recreation therapy and getting to know who they truly are and not their diagnosis. I like the diversity at my job; meeting all the veterans from different branches, job duties, and eras. More than anything, I love witnessing the progress and growth of the veterans who are suffering from a mental health issue or traumatic experience. Being able to see their determination and motivation to change their lives and circumstances is the greatest aspect of my job. I would love to see the compassion and empathy improve from other employees and people who are supposed to help the veterans.
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I love my career, veterans and what we do for the veterans as a whole. I look forward to seeing our veterans everyday.