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Centra health is great place to work for me as a student. Its a fast paced company but the coworkers are great and the managers are very understanding.
Centra Health is a good place to work, however there could be a lot of changes made to improve on patient care.
Great teamwork environment. Good systems in place to protect the patient and look out for other team members.
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Great company to work for, they are very willing to work with you and your personal needs as well as your educational needs.
They were very welcoming and ready to teach new arrivals. I learned a lot during my time there and am ready to be a better nurse in the future because of it.
Cross training so that people will have a better understanding of each others job. I believe this would increase workflow and team building.
Working at Centra has so far been great. I left a good solid government job with the DOJ in the heart of DC to work here, and I have not regretted my move once. The management and other employees here truly care about one another and about our patients, and I am thankful to be a member of the team here.
I have worked for both for profit hospitals and non profit and I can say the work environment is like day and night. I feel valued at Centura by my director as she advocates for her staff. Happy nurses = happy patients. My only complaint is the pay is not very competitive in the market.
My experience with Centra Health has been a great one. I’ve been there for almost a year and have learned so ma y new things in regards to my profession. I have grown more as an LPN and have seen things I haven’t before working here. We work as a team on my unit and help each other when needed.
I love working here. The people are so sweet.. I would love to see the ecpansion of the facilities. They work with your hours and encourage furthering your education.
I enjoy my work and I love what I do. I have learned a lot from my team leads and co-workers, that has provided me with the knowledge to complete my job task.
Pay increase is not consistent with rising cost of living but the overall facility is a great place to work for.
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