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Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Reviews

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I have been an employee at CARD for almost 4 years now. My manager prior to my current one was horrible with scheduling and was unable to communicate properly with the staff. My current manager is great at communication but he is passively aggressive and likes to schedule therapist to his liking outside of their availability. The therapists mental health should be important but your health with this company is not important therefore I don't recommend applying.
It is an honor to be able to work with kids that have autism and be a positive influence in their lives. The children are what keep me going. I am giving it a 3/5 due to its cleanliness and methods of teaching children. Also, I believe that I got poor training to become a behavioral therapist. It was kind of like, ok you did some online training and you are good to go! I believe that training needs to be more extensive and there should be a janitor that is in charge of cleaning the restrooms that the kids use, the rug floors in the rooms that have playdoe, and the binder cabinets with the kids information.
I've worked here for almost 2 years and I absolutely love my job. It is very rewarding seeing your clients progress and improve their quality of life. Sometimes it can be mentally and physically draining but it is worth it when you see your clients behaviors decrease and begin to see improvement. You begin to have adoration for them and want the best for them and their family. This job made me change my career and I'm happy about it. This company does the most to assure their clients the best therapy.
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This company is a awesome if you want an entry-level job that will provide you with assistance to grow in the field and possibly your future career. Also, this is a very rewarding job.
I enjoy where I work, but the pay can be better. They only raised the pay last year to match the other ABA companies. I do have complaints about the tech side of CARD. My welligent account does not work and when I call they never pickup. I also wish they would do something for their employees during quarantine. We are currently not working due to Covid-19, but we are also not getting paid. I wish the company had a backup policy to give something to their employees. They can introduce online therapy for those children who are in need.
The year and a half that I have been with CARD have been full of personal and professional growth. The management has always been supportive and looking for employees to grow within the company. The coworkers are also very supportive. together we work as an effective team for our clients and their families.
I had no experience working with children and CARD was the first company to take a chance on me. They provide training and hands-on learning opportunities before being send on your own to do ABA therapy with the clients. There is a clear hierarchy so that you know who you can go to for whatever you need.
Working with the kids is amazing, even though it is very difficult. Unfortunately, the management does not set the behavioral technicians up to succeed. The scheduling department changes the patient case load every month so you finally start making progress with a patient the day before you stop working with them. The mentor that I worked with on the clinical side was brash, rude, and dismissive. I could never quite figure out what she really wanted from me.
This is a horrible company. I worked here for about 5 months and I really regretted it. It made me feel so bad for the kids going there for therapy, because it really just didn't seem like the employees cared much about the kids. They were just filling time and not really helping the children. I had to leave.
I really liked how meaningful the work was and that there was a focus on making the world a better place. It made work more uplifting. Also, the company allows admin to give workers fun stuff besides just pay. They set up socials, buy free food frequently, and ask us how to make our time at work better. Pretty awesome place to work. Everyone gets along.
I absolutely love working with the kids. My office manager has also yet to schedule me for the 35-40 hour week I have requested. Im usually scheduled for about 28-30.
I love working for CARD. The environment is very positive and friendly and my supervisors work to make working there a pleasant experience.
I have done well by this company, they have given me experience in the field that I wouldn't have been able to have otherwise. I think it is a bit sketchy the educational requirement is a high school diploma. The clients can be aggressive or severely disadvantaged. Often coworkers will simply stop showing up because they will find new jobs after a few months, or weeks. Pay is about average with or without BCAT. There is a big push for upward mobility, but often it is not worth the money, to get expert roles. Therapists are not trained to interact with parents, and parents are not trained to keep up on child behavior.
Working within this population has been so rewarding. CARD has enabled me to further my education of autism. Management lacks communication
When I first started working for CARD, I didn't know anything about autism or ABA therapy. Although I went through two weeks of training, I gained most of my knowledge and experience from working on the job. There are always plenty of opportunities to move up in the company. I even had the chance to experience working abroad with CARD. My only complaint is that sometimes supervisors or other people in higher positions don't seem to care about the therapists as much and are more focused on pleasing parents/caregivers, and gaining more clients. It seems like it's more about the money now, than the quality of therapy.
I Loved working with the kids however, this company will not follow employment laws if not caught. I would show up to work have sessions cancelled while I'm waiting for clients to show up and receive no compensation. I would have lunch breaks scheduled after 7.5 hour days when its time for me to go home.And there was little to no therapist support from administration and higher up.
Center for Autism and Related Disorders is a very welcoming, open-minded, and positive environment full of room for constant growth. As an employee you are constantly gaining new knowledge, and applying it to different situations. Not only are you able to grow and evolve as an employee, but the supervisors and staff are always willing to help you do so and give you constant support. However, working with kids often leads to getting sick. Therefore, a greater amount of sick days should be allotted to the employees, along with a more accessible insurance plan.
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Great place to start out in the ABA field. However, I wouldn't stay here too long. The reason being is that the pay is not enough to be stable. There is no communication with employees and management until it is too late. The best part about the job is seeing the changes in the kids lives. If the pay was better and there was more communication from management to the employees I feel this would be the best job ever. Oh, and not having a set schedule is also frustrating. One week you can work 40 hours but the next week you'll be working 15.
CARD is an amazing company to have the opportunity to work with. Everyone is always so friendly and so helpful. You have the chance to move up and grow within that chosen field. If you love working with people and making a difference in other people's lives then this is the place to be at.
Great place to work. Fun and friendly environment. Quality training. On site BCBAs providing adequate monthly supervision to behavior therapists
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