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The people that I work with are very pleasant. Pay and flex-time are a major plus. The work could be more engaging but overall very good.
Great learning opportunities and your ideas truly do matter to them. They embrace diversity in the workplace and have high regards to the rules being followed.
Caterpillar is a great company, especially for someone with a young family. I have worked at Cat for 7 years now and I am given the opportunity to learn new things. The pay is great for the type of work that is required of me and the benefits are amazing as well.
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Not a bad place to work if you want to make money. They run all three shifts so can be useful for anyone on any shift.
Working at Caterpillar has been a great experience. Started out as a CFA Staffing Onsite Supervisor and built a GREAT report with CAT staff and then was offered a Caterpillar Human Resource position. Everyday is a new new Learning experience.
My experience at Caterpillar was very rewarding and provided me with great experience before law school. My work was substantial and had an impact on the business. For example, my cost forecasts and meetings with engineers were used to improve the products that would go out into the world and actually help people.
My experience has been really good, and I am very grateful for the opportunity that Caterpillar has given me. They have given the ability to learn and grow in the organization.
It's miserable. Not the best place to work or even start a career. You will have better luck somewhere else. I recommend any other warehouse.
But feel free to give it a chance most employees I work with hate it!!
I've had a great experience with this company. It is very family oriented. They really care about the people who work for them. The company also provide good pay and offer great health and financial benefits.
My experience at Caterpillar has been tremendous. I love the work hours, employees and management. I get to be hands on with some of the nations biggest machines on wheels, cool right? I would definitely recommend this company to a friend, sometimes I forget I'm actually working.
I have had nothing but the best experiences at caterpillar so far from the management to hr. Everyone tries to help me and they all give me the upmost respect.
I am currently a warehouse associate with this company, and all I can say is this company definitely has a really good purpose, and overall I feel satisfied being employed with Caterpillar.
I like how everyone is forced on getting their work done, the flexible hours, the on-site gym, free parking and lunch room.
Overall I have had many great experiences with this company. They off a lot of opportunities for growing and learning and offer many benefits to their employees.
I liked my work a lot. Being able to work both and in and outside of the cubicle was a big perk in my work routine.
I really enjoy the culture within the company. There is a customer first attitude, but it's reasonable. When something can't or shouldn't be done, it is clearly expressed to the customer and our reputation generally allows us the credibility to deny requests when valid. Overall it is a great place to work.
Its been a good job, like every job it has its ups and downs. I'm really thankful to have the union back us up and stand in solidarity. The hours are nice, the money is good.
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It is a very family oriented environment. Most everyone gets along with each other. Most days are 10 hours longs with few exceptions where we work 12 hours.
People will tell you one thing and do something different. If you are a yes man you will be fine and everything will be ok depending on the person. If you manger says something it is the law even if you are in the right.
Excellent company to work for. I have been there 13 years and am still proud to tell others where I work.
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