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291 Stoner Avenue
Westminster, MD 21157
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Over all my here varied, mostly good when working strictly in my department of Radiology. How ever my clinical rotation here was nothing to write home about. Like most hospitals its pretty straight forward, your incentives are small to none. Advancement is department or expertise based.
The job I had here also showed me much of what is there to offer in any health care based facility regardless of the field or area of practice. Financially could of done better for its employees and at often times it was obvious. The actual employees and some doctors here focused on an all around solid experience and much like most places others you avoided. My department and team where the best group I feel to work for here. Everyone in radiology is amazing and gives 100% of there devotion and time towards their practice and patient care. Recommend radiology, nursing, and respiratory therapy as a whole.
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I like working for Carroll Hospital center. However, there is not a lot of room to grow in this company. They pay and wages are mediocre at best and since merging into Lifebridge there has been a lot of changes.
I absolutely love my job. They understand I am in school and work with me because of it. When I need off because of an exam they understand, and they allow me to make my own schedule which comes in handy