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1906 Belleview Avenue, SE
Roanoke, VA 24014
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The communication with each other as a staff member is amazing. The doctors communicate with everyone on the floor, not just the nurses, but the nursing assistants, case workers, social works, and our floor directors to play a better role in helping the patient feel better, quicker. We strive to make sure we take every step needed to ensure that the patient is ready for discharge when the time comes and try to avoid readmission to our emergency department. The environmental staff is great at making sure each section of the hospital is clean and sanitized accordingly.
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The facility has a training program including classes and on the job training. You can be certified through Carilion for various positions. Staff is friendly, courteous and almost everyone is willing to help you. They are very appreciative of your help as well. I have been given the opportunity to obtain great experience working at Carilion as I continue my education toward Occupational Therapy.
I have been employed here for just over 8 years. I thoroughly enjoy working for my manager. As with any job there are pros and cons. As "floor staff", I work long hours as a nusring assistant, however I only work 3 days a week as full time. Most staff are fiendly and the unit I work on is like a family. We even get together outside of work. I have no plans of leaving my unit anytime soon. The saying rings true, "The grass isn't alwasy greeener on the other side."