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I have found all my nannying jobs through since I was 18. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves to take care of children!
I have had nothing short of an amazing experience with They have been my employer for over 4 years and i have gained numerous families from working with them. I now have a full-time nanny position as well as a bunch of part time families. This is how i'm making it through college financially.
I love this site however they want you to upgrade which means it costs money. I wish this site was completely free as advertised. I have found a few different jobs on this site and I look forward to doing so. I really like how you can pick your own schedule.
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A useful website to connect caregivers to clients. They offer easy ways to share your reviews, chat with clients, get paid, and even provide different levels of background checks for everyone's peace of mind.
This site use to be great! A few years ago most everything was free and I was able to get several jobs. Now you have to upgrade to even message with a potential family and the background check is very expensive. It use to be only $8 or $9. You're better off using another site or word of mouth.
the only complaint about is having to pay for a membership to apply for nannying/babysitting jobs you're not guaranteed. Other than that, the jobs are flexible, you get to create your own schedule and your compensation is up to you (and the families you work for).
It was very helpful in connecting me with families near by as well as making it an easy way to find jobs.
I started working for my current employers, four years ago and it is all thanks to I love how this company found a stable job that I really enjoy doing.
I love working through!! I have met so many wonderful families through this website, and it has given me the opportunity to earn money while still keeping up with my busy schedule. I love kids, so I knew this would be the perfect job for me!
The company app is easy to use, allows you to connect with families that you'd fit best with, and allows you to match with kids you'd connect best with too. The app has payment options along with background check options which makes it so much more credible. All nannying jobs I've had are from and I've been nannying for over 4 years. is a website where people can create a profile about services they offer along with experience that those seeking service can look at and contact through the website if interested. Services I offer include childcare, pet care, and house cleaning, all of which I have been hired for.
I like that I am in charge of maintaining a clientele. I like that if I am not comfortable meeting at client their home by myself (as I am a 22 year old female) I have control over my safety. I love that I can have a job working with pets as I am a pre-veterinary student, and since the hours are up to my discretion, this company gives me the ability to have an income while not interfering with my rigorous college courses. is a wonderful tool for caregivers. I have found my last five jobs in this website. There are many job opportunities on this site. It has helped me better my life and meet many inspiring individuals along the way. was easy to navigate and put me in touch with lot of families in my area! It also allows you to search for free if you are just getting started. Another great tool is that you can search for other side jobs such as dog walking, house sitting, cleaning services and even companion care. They offer many different tools for you to be successful on their website. You wont regret giving it a shot!
I have really appreciated the opportunities afforded to me by being affiliated with Not only have I been able to find work that is deeply rewarding, but I have been paid at an appropriate rate for my level of experience. Because the job allows its employees to be flexible with regard to hours worked and scheduling, I have been able to continue to pursue my studies, and not have to sacrifice my career in the interim.

The positive approach to training and promotions has also been very beneficial towards creating a sustainable and generative work culture. I am proud to be a employee and look forward to the opportunities I will encounter as I continue to be one of their employees.
I have used to find nanny and pet sitting jobs. They match families with care givers. They have affordable options to run background checks and give reviews. This company is used all across the nation. I used in Colorado, where I was matched with two amazing families. Then again in California where I had one long term position and multiple "date night" caregiver positions. Then finally, in Hawaii, where I was matched with two beautiful families. makes finding a caregiver position easy and accessible for anyone. Families looking for caregivers do pay an affordable membership to the website but I have heard from each family that the cost is very affordable and well worth it to be match with such great caregivers. It eliminates uncertainty from sites like "craigslist" and provides and easy platform to navigate job listings.
Being a nanny is flexible and fun. You can find bosses that fit your schedule needs. I am able to go to school full time and work full time because the boss I found on met my needs perfect. The environment is friendly and always consistent.
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Rate It! is easy and has safe. I have worked for multiple families all from , they do background checks ensuring that everyone on the site both parents and caretakers. I suggest to all my friends looking to be babysitters and parents looking for sitters.
Easy for parents and potential employers to contact me. The membership fee is ludicrous, however, and immediately turns me off to the idea of using this site.
Love working at I'm able to care for children, animals, and even adults. It's very rewarding and I'm able to make my own schedule. I wish there was better communication between the client and the individuals they choose to contract but I don't know how could resolve that. Overall, I really enjoy working for this company.
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