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One Capital Way
Pennington, NJ 08534
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I worked at capital health for about two years and it was a great experience. When I first started, it was great. All employees got their work done together, and if any issues occurred, everyone worked together to fix them. As the time passed, and we got new employees, everyone seemed to stop caring about the job, and complained about how the work is not getting done, when they were the problem. I quit the job because new employees would rather complain then work. Management worked with my schedule, however they sometimes expected you to work past your hours. Working in emergency room is very fast paced and everything needs to be working properly to have efficient work environment. The technology that was used to register patients was not working most of the time, which caused the registrars spend more time trying to do everything manually, which wasted more time.
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Great staff when first started. Everyone worked together. Management did not make the job easy. Everyday there was an issue with computers, which caused delay in registering patients, and then staff got blamed for it. Working in an emergency room can be difficult, and management always wanted everyone to be on call most of the time.
Overall, the staff was very friendly and willing to help students learn. The hospital was very clean and kept neat at all times. It is a newer hospital when compared to some in the area.