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My experience at Calvin Klein was great! I enjoyed the atmosphere and really appreciated how much they cared for the workers.
Calvin Klein is an extraordinary company to work for. They offer flexible hours for all their employees and are always seeking ways to improve. Management is extremely motivating and encourages their employees to attain skills that will lead to promotion.
My experience at Calvin Klein is definitely a great opportunity. If you like communicating with the customers your jobs becomes easier and you get a chance to meet new people. I was a sales associate for one year and then I was promoted to a Supervisor. Of course, I was excited with this new opportunity and to grow within the company. Becoming a supervisor comes with great responsibilities and challenges will come to surface. But it's the supervisor responsibility to adhere to these challenges in a fast pace. Overall, this job has taught me how to be responsible, customer friendly, solve problems quickly, work as a team, and be organize.
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I liked the atmosphere. Managers were really helpful, cared a lot about their employees. Wish for better pay.
Calvin Klein has become one of the biggest blessings upon my life. Once I was held down by the basic, boring and bland companies but being with Calvin has produced great strives in my life. I am so thankful to work for this amazing company.
Overall, working retail at CK has been good, but if one were to compare compensation compared to other companies it is very average. Growth is very slow, if possible at all, due to limited and already filled roles. As with all retail, scheduling is all over the place so one has to be used to not being used to a 9 to 5 type of job. Management and culture has been good, although from what I have heard, it all depends on what store you work at.
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