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Working at California's Great America has been a wonderful experience for me. Being a food handling employee I was able to demonstrate my abilities as an individual to not only to my coworkers, but to the countless customers of California's Great America. Even though, I have only worked their for the summer, I believe I will remain grateful for such opportunities I had at such a workplace.
This place is trash and if you work here for 1 month, you never want to go back. It's filled overpower supervisor, arrogant customer. the upper managements are hypocrites, tells employee to do this but themselves do the opposite. employee never got the schedule time and always tell to clock out early. it's really boring but the friendship and fun there are memorable.
I’ve only done seasonal and it can be fun but there’s been way too many close calls for being hit. And many of my friends have gotten hurt from guests who don’t know how haunted houses work.
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Great America is my first job and still currently work here. I like their flexibility and how many workers are quite understanding with one another. I learned a lot about management, dealing with customer service, organization, defusing heated situations and much more. Despite my young age, all workers seem to treat each other on the same level even if some are older/younger than others. A huge factor that does take a toll on me is the physical labor and emotional distress working in this type of environment. The park is always packed, and there are a lot of demands needed: food, guests, associates, etc. I do struggle with keeping up with it which I think can be a lot for the wage they give. With all the pros and cons, I do believe that they give a good experience for people who are beginners in the workforce/service since many tasks are fairly easy to catch on.
Clean, and had a friendly environment. Usually amusement parks get very dirty they kept up to date with cleaning and the workers maintained a friendly helpful attitude
I liked the people I met while working here, everyone here is extremely social and friendly. I was able to grow a lot while being here and stepped out of my comfort zone a lot especially as a ride operator. There are employee benefits such as free entrance to the park, discounted food and other items. Overall the best summer job for a teen like me. It kept me away from boredom and I had lots of fun.
As a team member in the food department, I felt like working there as my first job has allowed me to earn great experience in the food industry. It was a place where I was able to create good bonds with fellow coworkers and learn the way a business works.
It's a great for a first job for anyone. Most of the employees are high schoolers. There are different departments within this job. The department I worked in, everyone got along well.
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