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650 Liberty Avenue
Union, NJ 07083
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My experience at Buy Buy Baby has been great. It's my first job and it's been a great first job. The are flexible with my hours for school and accommodates me well. All the employees are very friendly, even the new ones. Those of us who have been there the longest at this location have a special bond between us all. The pay is that of any other entry level job. It is truly the employees and the customers that make the difference at this company. The only complaint I have is returns, because it is a retail store its tuff do deal with sometimes. Thought it's tuff I still get to talk to my fellow employees and they always help me get throught it and keep me going.
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I love the people I work with the most, they are very compassionate and are there for your well-being and just very nice. Being a retail job, we deal with a whole lot of angry customers so having happy employee's is a plus. The flexibility of scheduling is the best and management. This being my second retail job, there is people to help and guide you along the way and I consider the best part of this retail job. A difficult job but at times very fun.
It's a good store. They are good with working around school schedules. It is decently easy to pick up extra hours. All the babies that come to the store are adorable and you get to see all the new baby products and really learn about them. There is a 20% discount off anything and one person of your choosing will also get this discount.
The customers are probably the worst part of the job. Some are just down right mean but that is just retail. The new return policy will have you getting yelled at at least 5 times a shift. Employees are constantly leaving, 22 people have quit since I started almost 1 year ago.