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700 13th Ave E
Bradenton, FL 34208

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I love Burke's Outlet because the customer services is great! They are always walking around to make sure the customers are finding everything okay and asking if there is anything we need. It is a great opportunity for young people because it will have with interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and teamwork skills. There is so many different diversities that come in the store and they always have something amazingly different about them. Also, they always have something amazing to teach you about what they like and enjoy. The managers of Burke's Outlet always are happy to help with any issues that may incur before or after your visit to the store. This is always relieving to have someone explain and say they understand how you feel and they are going to make sure this does not happen again.
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I work in one of the ones in KY, but my experience has been very good. The management are really nice and will work with you on scheduling. I work as a sales associate and my daily routine consists of being on register, cleaning out the fitting rooms, cleaning the clothes off of the floor, and customer service where acceptable. You also have an opportunity to move up in your career and there's even a retirement plan the company enrolls you in.
My only complaint is I wish we handled theft better, but other than that I love this company and it's a nice job to have if you're still in school (which I am).
Working at Burke's Outlet has been great. My co-workers are great and are easy to work with. They provide opportunities to be promoted, after showing a great work ethic. The only downside I can say about this company is they don't provide enough hours for employees to work. Causing employees to sometime be overwhelmed. I look forward to working with this company for a long time.