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Working at Build A Bear was a great experience and a great working opportunity for me. It allowed me to see what it is like working in retail without being in a very busy franchise such as like Walmart, Target,etc. My coworkers were very loving and respectful and patient of me and my time schedule. It was great getting to work with little kids everyday which made my job a lot easier.
I adore the local work environment(s) and setting goals to make guests' day. After working in different locations this seems to be a constant! I had to leave after many years due to high demand and low compensation; I would have loved to have stayed around, but I couldn't keep up with rent!
I love working here! The hours go by quickly and it's fun. It feels like meaningful work because you get to make people happy. This has been my favorite job. I love building bears and giving customers memorable experiences.
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Most amazing people you’ll ever work with. Good company, has its problems such as lack of support to their employees... but is one of the best part-time jobs you’ll come across. Wish Bear Builders got more hours, but as a ‘Sales Lead’ you get just enough to get you started in the working world. Absolutely recommend!
It was a very good company to work for due to managment staff and that it worked well with your schedule and was very flexible. The pay was not great but the management staff made it a great place to work.
I simply adore the fact that every experience is different, unique, and tailored to each specific individual child. No two experiences are the same.
I appreciated being able to work with children and the overall day to day job activities. I do not appreciate low pay amount and the low amount of hours.
I have a great experience putting a smile on all the kids faces when they come to build a bear. I feel greatly appreciated by the parents as they compliment how amazing I am at my job and getting their kids engaged. This job entry level pay is significantly lower than other retail jobs. If you're only working a job for the money then this job is not for you.
The experience I had at BAB was great because of the management team. They were very flexible when I was going to school, and if I needed to call off for extra studying or to do homework. I was promoted to become an Associate manager, and it was difficult to juggle both school and work. Of course, my coworkers were amazing and did work double shifts for me.
I love seeing the smiles on the children's faces when they get their beats stuffed. I love learning about the new bears when a new one is featured.
As a young college student, there are not many part-time occupations that are genuinely fun and exciting, but Build A Bear Workshop is one of them. The teamwork environment allows the employees to become family. The challenges set in place regarding sales allow employees to grow; we eagerly work toward meeting numbers while simultaneously providing the best experience possible for our guests. Managers are more than willing to work with school schedules, which has allowed me to stay with the company for four years as I work toward my degree. I could not have found a better place to work while I further my education.
Every day I came to work with a smile on my face. This was a job I adored 'beary' much! Every day I would be singing and doing the heart ceremony with children, parents, teens, and just bear enthusiasts. It was always a satisfying part of my routine. Smiles are contagious and having fun on the job makes going to work worthwhile.
Super fun! Only star down because encouraged to sell to kids which is heartbreaking (kids say yes to everything)
Build-A-Bear Workshop is a great place to work. The hours are great and the managers make the environment fun to work in. The children that enter the workshop on a daily basis is what makes this job worth while.
I love working here! They really take time to care for both their customers AND theirs employees. It's really an amazing place to work, as they marry fun and personal growth with their everyday lives.
This used to be the best company in the world to work for, and then the board of directors forced out Maxine Clark, and it started the slide down to the hell that all large corporations become. The company no longer cared about the employees, the compensation has always been poor, but it was worth it because the company cared about us, now it is just another case of a large corporation trying to squeeze as much life out of the employees as possible. Don't get me wrong, it isn't any worse then any other retailer, but it used to be great.
It was a very wonderful experience in the beginning when I first started working there. Management was amazing but then they started to bring new managers that weren't organized and had very poor leadership skills.
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I love working at Build-A-Bear. The atmosphere along with co-workers is very positive constantly and always makes for a wonderful work day.
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