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730 Mulberry Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15009
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Dense Suburban
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Upon first starting at my local Bruster's, the manager and upper level employees took little time in training. After I got promoted to being a crew leader, management continued improper training. Once management changed the work environment and training became much better and made going to work a happier experience. New management brought discipline and order to the way the store operates.
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Overall, it’s a nice place to work for a part-time job while in high school or college. The management is a little disorganized, but the employees are friendly and emphasize teamwork.
Bruster's Real Ice Cream is a great fun place to work at. They only hire people who have energy, great smiles, good personalities, and hard workers. It is a very clean place to work and the people that work with you is like a family to you. It is a family-like atmosphere.