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2010 Brookwood Medical Center Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209
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Dense Suburban
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I enjoy the flexibility of self-scheduling in my department, it allows me to focus on advancing my education for a higher degree. The tuition reimbursement was definitely a driving point in my decision to work there. Competitive pay rates and incentives are great.
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It might sound silly, but sometimes, insurance companies and patients don't always follow through on payments. If an office doesn't double check that each bill is paid in full, these missed payments might fall through a crack. If an office has received an under payment, it's important to challenge the amount with the payer until they get the agreed upon sum.
I have been employed for 1 month and I am very grateful for the opportunity I have received while working here. I am currently enrolled in college majoring nursing. They gave me the opportunity to gain the experience needed to complete my career path.