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About Broadlawns Medical Center...
1801 Hickman Road
Des Moines, IA 50314
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Dense Suburban
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Broadlawns Medical Center Reviews

2 reviews
Laid back atmosphere, with close-knit emergency room staff who work together great! Low patient mean age compared to most hospitals in Des Moines. Great health care and retirement benefits! It is a smaller hospital so you get a little bit of everything when it comes to patients, which is great to build experience. However, you do end up with court orders and psych overflow. Plenty of opportunities to pick up hours or cross-train to other units. Broadlawns is a learning hospital, so there are new residents every July.
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My workplace offers a very supportive and interconnected environment. Staff work with doctors and management in a collaborative way that offers lots of opportunity for growth. The company has amazing benefits, especially health and retirement.