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Working with bright horizons has been nothing short from great. It is truly a workplace that makes you feel like family. My experience has been amazing as I have had the pleasure of working with so many knowledgeable people who have helped me grow so much
It’s an amazing company that has the families and it’s employees best interest in mind. It’s ECE’s top company by far.
very flexible with scheduling. very understanding. can be a bit overwhelming but is overall pretty good.
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I have been working at Bright Horizons for almost two years. It has been a great opportunity and has helped me through schooling. The atmosphere is very friendly, diverse, and hard-working. I'm always motivated to help guide the children and work as a team with my co-teachers. My schedule is flexible for schooling and my hard-work is noticed by my managers and directors. Because of this, I continue to see myself working here for the next couple of years and build my experience at this company. I look forward to coming to work most days and enjoy making connections with my co-workers, parents, and children.
Everyone at Bright Horizons is there to help children make discoveries about the world. I have been so impressed by their willingness to grow in their teaching practices and find new ways for children to learn and explore. Bright Horizons is also lgbtq+ friendly and the Boston based centers walk in the pride parade! I myself am queer and I have been made to feel so comfortable and safe and welcome. They have a lot of expectations for teachers and I think that is very meaningful. They also have an insane amount of benefits and perks such as free movie tickets! If you're having trouble deciding what insurance is best for you they have an online program that helps you find the perfect insurance etc that you need so you aren't wasting money. If you are interested in working with children in a diverse and safe environment absolutely look into Bright Horizons! It is also common for many people to work up the chain of the company so keep that in mind if you want something long term!
Pay is below what employees deserve-- based only on inflation, not on loyalty to the company and hardwork.
I like that the company has many growth opportunities, is supportive with education and experience in the ECE field, and offers high quality programs and emergent education for young children, while supporting working families.
I worked for this company for five years. Everything and everone were great. My coworkers became my family. I loved that we had gatherings encouraged by a group created within the company called"better together." I lived that workers got recognized by the company with awards, although sometimes it felt like feminism was in play. Things changed once the bright Horizons that I worked at got a new manager. She changed alot of things and families started to leave the company. The parents didnt like her attitude and her new enforced curriculum. When workers gave two weeks notice the office started to push them out and made them feel unwanted.
I have been a Toddler teacher at Bright Horizons for two and a half years. As a Toddler teacher, I have gained experience in supervising and teaching young children in a variety of ways while maintaining a safe environment for them. I have loved seeing the children in my classroom everyday and teaching them new things and seeing them actually learn and pick up on words that I have taught them. I also have learned to prepare lesson plans and in using programs to evaluate their performance. I also have really great co-teachers in my classroom. We always help one another in any way we can and collaborate on lesson plans and what classroom management strategies are best for the children. I do wish the management was better but otherwise my experience here has been good.
Overall, the company is a great one to work for. It's the leadership heads that forget about the people that work under them.
I have worked at Bright Horizons for over 5 years and have learned and grown so much as a teacher. I have gained invaluable classroom and behavior management skills through work with my supervisors. I feel supported in my goals at Bright Horizons and they have been very accommodating of my school schedule while I have been preparing for graduate school.
This company is truly the best to work for. They offer you continued training and speaking with your supervisor is easy. My hours are flexible and they understand if something comes up or if you need to work your schedule around something. I am truly grateful for finding a position with this company.
Teachers are asked to work long hours for nearly minimum wage and are expected to provide excellent care, more so than other area child care centers.
I like working here. It is a family-oriented place and working with children can be very exciting, adventurous and also unpredictable. Everyone works as a team and knowing that we are teaching the next generation is exciting within itself.
The company has great policies and benefits, however its only if you are a full time employee. Lot's of time the schedule is only given the week before and it's only for an hour or two a day. The people where great to work with and for, but the drive was not worth it.
As a current employee at Bright Horizons, I am most grateful leased with the potential for professional development they offer employees. Moreover, I truly appreciate how we can help families with their children’s overall academic success and wellbeing in general.
The children and families that the company serves are truly amazing! They are appreciative of the work we do, engaged in the everyday development of their children, and also open to change. Along with the children and families, staff and other members of the company such as directors and higher power are super supportive and interactive with their teachers and everyday activity.
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The job is rewarding, despite the pay being less than average. Employees are encouraged to get to know each other outside of the workplace which promotes healthy relationships while at work.
Amazing company to work for. Supports teachers growth and development. Even pays for teachers to get a degree. I will FOREVER sing this company's praises.
I love the relationships I've made with families and coworkers. This summer was tough because I did not have a coteacher, but my director has been so supportive and great with communicating with me!
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