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The atmosphere, people and food are great. Parking isn't the best but they do make an effort to help. Every day is different, constantly meeting new people and learning new things.
Brigham and Women's Hospital is a great hospital that welcomes all of their visitors and patients. They make the hospital environment diverse from each healthcare team to the volunteers. I enjoy the time I have spent at Brigham and Women's Hospital and the opportunities it has provided me to grow as a person in the healthcare field.
I had a great experience working for this hospital. There were many employee opportunities, including access to continuing education through the harvard extension school. I felt supported and listened too through my time here.
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Incredible hospital. I worked in the PT department and everyone there is friendly. Lots of young professionals/students early in their careers working there. It is a teaching hospital, so almost everyone is willing to help.
Great place to get some experience. The benefits for research staff stink. There is a very small education benefit, but its not enough to cover any kind of higher education. The health insurance is really expensive for the first year. The retirement savings plan passes on a quarterly 10.95 record keeping fee. Really all you get as a research staff member right out of college is the experience.
I think it is great experience to have for someone looking to pursue a career in Nursing or health care field.
I work as a research assistant through BWH and Harvard Medical School. The job is interesting but the fact that all employees have a work calendar based around the hospital holidays makes it difficult at times to see family (I moved from the West and don't have any immediate family in the area). They do have a lot of good deals and partnerships with companies in the area that help make Boston more accessible.
Working as a research assistant is very rewarding. The hospital is a welcoming space with many diverse opportunities to learn and grow.
A good place to work if you live in the area. Especially if you are looking to move on soon. They are used to ambition and helping people to move up in their careers.
I love working at Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston, MA. Everyone here is friendly, warm, and just happy to be here. I honestly love coming into work and working along nurses who are passionate about what they do. There is a level of respect here that is not commonly found at other jobs. Patients rave about their nurses and their experience here at Brigham and Women's.
It depends on the department - some departments have more supportive managers than others. When going to interviews, make sure to interview the managers as well; make sure that the managers actually believe in cultivating good company culture rather than just claiming that they do.
I enjoyed working in a place of professionalism. This hospital is a current Magnet hospital and works very hard to maintain their quality patient care service. Also you make many connections for professional growth.
Recently started working in Brigham and Women's in the emergency department. So far is has been an eye opening experiencing that allows me to observe a number of different patients. Such observation allows me to hone in on what I hope to pursue in my future career path.
I had the unique opportunity to learn from all areas of healthcare- billing, insurance, surgery, clinical and research. BWH is committed to the best patient experience!
I would like to see more diversity within all the role and departments of the hospital. right now the cleaning staff and security are very diverse with people from all over the world and different beliefs. the medical staff on the other hand lacks diversity. the higher up you get in the ranks within the hospital the lack of diversity their is. I would like there to also be a change in the type of attitude for the employees, maybe its the pay or the incentive but its like the people that work there do not like their job or something.
I would highly recommend for people to apply to work at Brigham and Women's Hospital. It's very diverse group of people that I get to work with. It is like having a second family.
The doctors I work with are friendly, approachable, and highly intelligent. The staff at my level work very well together and are extremely helpful. There does however need to be a change in management in my specific department.
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Plenty of learning and growing opportunity! Tremendous support from the co workers and managers and push you to do your best.
Brigham is a great place to be. they care about their employees and their patients. You learn so much from being at this place and there is so many opportunities to further yourself. Everyone really works hard and has a great attitude. Many people that work here stay here. They pay is good, The service is even better.
I love working at BWH! There are so many opportunities and great, intelligent people that I work with.
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