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I like the people I work with and the work I'm doing. There are plenty of opportunities for growth and going back to school. The personal that coordinates staffing needs around the hospital could be more strategic in their placement. Overall its a great place to work.
I work as a CNA and the pay is good but the work load is heavy as expected. Their needs to be more team work involved
I have been working at BMC for some time. The workplace environment greatly depends on the department that you work in, and managers often set the tone for their workers. However, BMC offers excellent benefit packages to their employees, so for that I would recommend this hospital to others. My manager has also been great in terms of accommodating my school schedule.
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The staff is excellent to work with, the truly promote a Team atmosphere. The hospital itself resides in older buildings so it appears somewhat run down. Very large campus with limited cost effective food options. Everything is very costly, in this area of Boston, food, parking, transportation etc.
This is not an easy location to commute to if you live outside the city.
Boston Medical is a diverse institution that provides exceptional care to divers population. The climate at Boston Medical center sometimes appears intense, but from my personal experience there, i can say they really care about their patients whether they have insurance or not. I was a newly diagnosed diabetic at 18 yrs and in a foreign country, I was treated very poorly at another Massachusetts hospital. My experience at Boston Medical was refreshing the nurse was very caring and educated me on how to care for my diabetes, this experience helped me to make my decision to be a nurse , because I wanted to help someone the way this nurse helped me. Boston Medical Center was the only hospital I applied for because I wanted to give back and I also knew it was a great institution to work.
Overall the hours are plentiful and flexible. The location is convenient for me to commute. Parking is not free for employees and it is expensive. Traffic can be awful during the afternoon on weekdays. Medical staff is wonderful with employees as they really take the time to ask questions and listen to your answers.
Benefits are great. Overall pay can be a bit better for the amount of work we do. Management maintains a great and friendly relationship with staff at all times.
I have been working at Bmc for over fours years and it has been a wonderful four years. I like the diversity of the hundreds of patient I have the privilege to care for. This is the best place to work
I like how productive the workers are. They come in and do their job and communicate well to others to effective perform their role and responsibilities.
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