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1000 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
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Compared to other retailers I have worked for, the compensation at Bloomingdales is pretty good. However, with above minimum wage pay comes more responsibility. This company is all about clientele, and that happens with constant outreach and the building of your client book. Store operational goals are to be met since many positions have been diminished like recovery, etc, so the sales associate does work outside of just selling. Sales goals are to be met. These duties are not so bad considering your pay is higher. The tedious/annoying duty out of all these is management constantly asking you to open credit cards. Most people either already have one, dont want one or dont need one. One thing I can say for sure though, is your experience matters on LOCATION! Huge component in your paycheck, hourly vs commission pay, and work environment.
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This store offers a wide price range from name brands to high end luxury designers. The return policy is out of this world accommodating, as it spans up to 365 days for you decide on ownership. The store is beautifully; visually merchandised and you can grab a delicious frozen yogurt while you shop for that special something. Associates are readily available and the music is always matching the ear of trend!
Overall, the job paid well and the benefits were good. Management could use more work with handling employees and overall organization. The discounts were great, especially if you shopped a lot. The shifts were decent but sometimes dragged because it was slow. Bloomingdales often had events especially in summer which were fun and interesting to watch. Overall, for a retail store I would definitely recommend Bloomingdales as a wonderful place to work at.