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Working with Bloomin' Brands is the best job I have ever had. They truly care about you and your opinions and aren't some money-hungry, corrupt company. They are constantly revising their menus to accommodate to guest's requests, trends, popular dishes, etc. It seems that management at a majority of their facilities is always on top of everything, making sure guests are satisfied with performance, food, presentation, etc. All the staff members are always so happy and willing to accommodate to the guest's every need.
Culture is very east coast corporate. A large company with lots of bosses but HR embraces external consultants often to develop the environment and people. That has been pretty nice, most of the time.
The great work environment for anyone to join the hospitality and culinary arts field! My restaurant I work for is always clean! food is always fresh and cooked to perfection and I work with amazing and caring people and management. The benefits are great for catering to employees needs and the hours are given to employees are great.
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I really like this company. I have worked at Bloomin' Brands since 2012. I am a server/bartender. I really have enjoyed my time at the company. The only things that I currently do not like is the new tipshare structure. Not only do hosts get more tipshare than they used to, but now more hosts are staffed than before. They are staffed so that they can also roll silverware so that the company doesn't have to pay someone $10/ hour to do that like they used to. It saves the company labor costs, but it has significantly reduced my income. I work and go to school, and it has been difficult making ends meet recently because of the new tipshare structure.
Bloomin' Brands formerly known as OSI Restaurant Partners LLC is an outstanding corporation to work for and have the strongest position in the market of food and beverage with over 2400 restaurants worldwide. Their commitment to their brands and employees is the strongest of any company I have worked for.
Overall, I love this company. I work at Outback Steakhouse and it's one of the best jobs I've ever had. There's a trust fund type of thing that we all raise money for to help other outbacks or outbackers if disaster strikes. Every month there's a cake for that month's birthdays. On holidays and we're busy and can't take breaks they'll buy us food. They really think about their employees and treat us like family. The one thing I wish they would change is gratuity. I feel like bloomin brands is a big enough company to charge gratuity on large parties but they don't and a lot of the time the employees suffer because of it.
great money serving in season, if you work hard and do job they treat you well and give you good sections and schedule
The work place tends to be a welcoming environment. Tasks assigned by management are sometimes tedious and people are not always moved up in a timely manner.
I have worked for Bloomin' Brands for approximately 4 years now through Outback Steakhouse as a host and server. I have always felt that the company is fair to their employees and dedicated to providing for them, even on the small level. My managers at Outback have only ever been kind and understanding to the workers, yet diligent in keeping them in line to best serve the customers. I have grown dramatically in my confidence and ability to handle pressure through working at Outback. I have never question if the managers or local managers did care for my personal well being in addition to the company, because I know in the everyday occurrences that they do. I have enjoyed working here a lot!
I absolutely love my proprietor! He is caring of his employees but also helps to instill good work ethic in his employees. Of course, working as a server in a restaurant can always be stressful, but my proprietor and co-workers have made it a fun place to work.
I make good money and really enjoy working with my colleagues. My immediate managers are fantastic people. The corporate bosses, however, enforce unrealistic rules on the front of house staff.
I have worked for Outback Steakhouse going on 4 years in August. It is a great company to work for and the staff and management are like family to me. I have had the opportunity to move up and do more then just serve. Since I started working for the company, I now also Head wait, Train, and Key. This has given me an opportunity to learn more about the service industry and to add more skills to my resume. Outback offers many perks such as paid vacations and benefits. They also have competitions for employee's to win money, and do good things for their employee's and the community. I have always loved keeping busy at work, and never had a problem with that at Outback! The money their is extremely consistent! I would encourage anyone to work with this company!
Tia Borock
Management at Bonefish Grill is excellent. I have worked for this company for over 3 years. Management truly cares about the staff. This company truly cares about its employees and the quality of their product. The culture is key to retaining the best employees and I highly recommend working for this company.
I absolutely love working for outback steakhouse. It truly is a family and that helps me to enjoy going to work each day.
It’s nice working with this company, and restaurants in general, for the hours. I’ve never been with a company where I control over my own schedule; not complete control over my schedule but I do have the ability to drop or pick up any shift. And enough coworkers where it’s fairly easy, with management facilitating this, which allows me control over my time.

The only challenges are the high stress of the jobs and occasional managers who aren’t equipped to handle it; they’re people too. So a shift can have a lot of conflict in it, and there’s a very “Us vs. them” mentality between people working in the different segments of a resturaunt. But at the end of the shift when everyone’s cleaning or closing this always feels like it’s melted away.
this company is only worried about the bottom line. Managers are condescending and not worried about the employee's life outside of work. Managers do not have children and do not care about things that happen with your children for example cancelled childcare, sick child, school cancelled, holidays, or birthdays. The managers like to talk about politics but do not respect your opinion if it differs from theirs. Upper level management is very disconnected from the restaurant world and very unorganized. Things change with no notice, and no memo of change.
It has been a great experience, I work at Outback in Covington, Louisiana and I love everything about my job. My managers are awesome and so are my co-workers.
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I am a hostess at Outback, which is part of Bloomin' Brands, and my experience has overall been very good. I am currently a high school senior and they have been very flexible with letting me work only weekends so it doesn't interfere with school and homework. Overall I enjoy working there, the pay varies a little bit depending on how busy we are, but we have recently been pretty busy so it works out.
I'd like to see stricter policies and better teamwork skills. I would like to see the management more involved along with higher up management. I think they should change the way they train and keep consistent menus.
I honestly adore my job with this company and have appreciated the experiences and chances I have received through them. The management staff is beyond the best one I have ever seen and I feel that I am appreciated in this place. The only complaint I have is the work ethic of the kitchen at this point in time because of the slack occasionally. Overall, I am proud to say I work for this company and honestly am very glad I received the opportunity to work for Bonefish Grill for the past two years and into the future.
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