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7755 Center Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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I love my job as a line cook! Making food for others to enjoy and working with a team of people who understand the importance of teamwork is hard to find, but I have that at BJ's. We know how to get the job done while still having fun. The hours are long sometimes, and the work is hard, but that is just the nature of the restaurant industry.
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BJ's Restaurant provides employees with flexible hours and growth opportunities. I believe they hire staff who truly believe in making the workplace comfortable for everyone. Being in the restaurant industry it's hard to find a workplace where staff is taken into consideration when appealing customers concerns; however, BJ's Restaurants listen to both sides of the story while giving the customer a good experience and caring for their employees.
I love working at BJ's! I was hired when they first opened the restaurant and their training process helped me feel very comfortable in my position. The managers are encouraging and helpful, way more than I could say for previous employers. I also love my coworkers! The atmosphere can get hectic at times but is generally pretty upbeat.