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2800 10th Ave N
Billings, MT 59101
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I have been working at my company for just over three years now. I love where I work. I work for a hospital that is non profit and has a great community based care that helps hundreds of people each and every day. I have personally received many professional opportunities that have completely changed my career path in the best way possible. About a year into my employment, I received a promotion that has really helped me in my college journey. Studying business management, I have a great foundation and a great support system behind me to acheive my goals. I have also been blessed by the many benefits my workplace offers such as yearly pay raises and PTO opportunities. My management is very supportive of me and the overrall culture of the organization makes me continue to be motivated to come into work and do a great job for them each day.
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I have worked at Billings clinic for the past 4 years. I would like to see them do some sort of active recruiting. We are chronically short staffed and the way management seems to fix it is by buying the staff pizza. I would prefer they take the money from pizza nights and put that towards sign on bonuses or raises.I would like this to not just be for nurses but CNAs as well. I love my BC family and the teamwork we use to get through these long, short staffed, busy nights. I hope to continue my career there once finished with my BSN
I really enjoy working at Billings Clinic Hospital. As a student, they are flexible with my hours so I can attend school. They off tuition reimbursement as well. They offer overtime if I would like. They offer advancements in positions that you think wouldn't have advancements. I enjoy everyone I get to work with and it makes it a much better place to work.