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330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
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Beth Israel is an amazing place to be both as a patient and as an employee. Everyone takes their job seriously and there is a great teamwork environment where doctors, nurses and support staff are all friendly and work together respectfully. There is also an amazing work-life balance with flexible scheduling around prior commitments and frequently accommodating school demands. There are also other amazing benefits such as health insurance at an extremely low cost. While there are limits on the growth of an employee many times caused by lack of education (such as moving into a nursing position from a support staff position), there is room for growth from an entry level position to a managerial one. I would encourage others to become part of this company and team.
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It is amazing! The people I work with, and the friendly atmosphere truly makes it a place I want to go back to every day. The only thing that i would change would be to provide free parking - especially for the patients because it does get very expensive.
Working at Beth Israel is very difficult but rewarding. The patients are typically very cranky and always ready to correct any mistakes they see, considering most of our patients either work in another hospital or have been referred to one of our doctors. Nevertheless providing outstanding and extraordinary service is what we do best and the gratitude from our patients is just as rewarding as our paycheck.