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1101 26th St S
Great Falls, MT 59405
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Benefis Health System Reviews

3 reviews
I work for spectrum home health as a licensed PTA. Its been the most rewarding place to work for. I work with very talented and intelligent therapists. My manager is very reasonable when it comes to family matters. I have a hearing impaired child who has required a lot of medical care, and I have always been accommodated when I have had to take him out of town for medical appointments and make sure his needs are met. I never leave work feel depleted, I always feel blessed to be serving our community via physical therapy.
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Benefis is a wonderful place to have stead hours,decent benefits, and each employee is able to speak to their supervisors without fear of retaliation. There will always be issues that need to be addressed, but as a whole the company is have a positive atmosphere, and I have enjoyed being a part of its growth for the last few years.
Decent place to get experience as a new nurse. Get your experience and leave. They pay new grads the same hourly rate as more experienced nurses. Management does not care about employees, they care about their bonuses. Promotions are not earned by knowledge or skill level, it is all obtained by who you know. It is a toxic work environment. No wonder why they have a high turn over rate on staff.