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424 Savannah Rd
Lewes, DE 19958
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I am blessed to work at Beebe; I was hired as a resident RN fresh out of nursing school. I was granted a position on a specialty unit (Labor & Delivery), which I thought was impossible to achieve as an entry-level nurse with no experience. My career goals have been greatly and positively impacted by the wealth of knowledge I gained at Beebe; I am in the process of obtaining my BSN, MSN, and will strive to become a midwife. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that Beebe Healthcare has given me!
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Beebe Medical Center offers a unique health care employment experience. It is a small, tight-knit community with a lot to offer a prosperous resort town. The Medical Foundation has been building, improving, and expanding constantly to meet the growing population/tourism needs. There is a downside to the expansions though for the current employees; budgets are low and many departments are lacking the funding they need for adequate supplies and employee compensation.
The employees are hard working. the hospital is constantly expanding and providing the area with more health care option and better availability. In comparison to many healthcare facilities in the area the benefits are great. Heath benefits are far lower than many others, and coverage is better.