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2401 31st St
Temple, TX 76508
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I’ve had a wonderful experience at Baylor Scott and White Memorial. It was my first “real” experience of working in a hospital setting so I was both ecstatic and surprised they hired me but I realize that they like to hire people with an interest in the medical field because they believe in us and they like to watch us grow personally and professionally. I worked in the float pool so i got to experience every floor’s culture and teamwork. Every floor is different but I love how everyone is genuinely happy to work here. They pay better than most hospitals and the Baylor Scott and White brand is growing and expanding so I never worried about job security. They also really care for their patients and staff. It was a very pleasant experience and I’m glad i got lucky enough to work here.
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Pay and benefits are decent, upward mobility may require transferring to a different department. Department transfers are easy, and many employees will do so. Biggest con is that sick time is paid but counts toward attendance.
Scott and White Temple is incredible and as an aspiring medical student, you see a variety of patients, situations, and laboratory values.