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2985 Drew St.
Clearwater, FL 33759
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Baycare has been a saving grace for me. The company is known for being fairly reputable but I had no idea that it could be such a great place to work. With any job, it can be a little difficult to put yourself in an already established environment; however, the company motivates staff to project positivity.

I like the amount of opportunity provided to the team-members here and the strive many have to improve and advance upon themselves.

The only negative I can think of off the top of my head is the weekday parking situation. Parking is across the street but will eventually be settled once we can finally obtain permits for a parking garage.
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Great company to work for. You can start at an entry level position and work your way up to management, great tuition assistance program to further your education and they are very supportive in you doing so. Very friendly environment and dedicated to not only their patients but their employees as well. Clean and multi-location available for community and employees. Lots of discounts and benefits for employees as well. A great company to get in with and stay for a very long time until retirement. Couldn’t imagine working for any other company and so glad to call them my home and family.
I knew I wanted to work for BayCare before I even became a nurse. The care I received as a patient is the reason why I chose to work for this organization, and I strive to always provide the same exceptional care I received to those in my community. Between the positive work environment, safe patient ratios, and ensuring proper breaks are given during our shift, BayCare is one of the leading organizations to work for in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to this, I truly love the work I do as a NICU nurse. I know I make a positive impact in the lives of those I care for, and have created some incredible bonds with my NICU families that will certainly last a life time. For that, I am grateful for my career at BayCare and to be a part of a truly wonderful profession.