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I have been working at a Baskin Robbins for a little over a year now. The job is not as fast paced as a fast food restaurant. The managers were very flexible with our schedule. Most of my coworkers were young and around my age so we all got along very well.The only downside is that when working here you experience lots of wrist aches.
Baskin Robbins was a great place to work. They understood the need for a flexible schedule, the pay was competitive in relation to years worked. The workload was minimal, however the franchises varied from location to location.
I work as a part timer in Bensonhurst location, and I love this job. Customers are generally very kind, but there are the exceptions of the typical mean customers. I am able to balance my work and education very well with this job.
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I liked how friendly the workers were. They were very patient while a large group of kids came in running around and didn't get overwhelmed with the long orders the kids had.
Baskin-Robbins is always a wholesome family environment when I am working and all the other employees are really nice and friendly to the customers as well as to one another. Every employee is easily compatible with one another and we all work efficiently. The management is really nice and very understanding to the problems and worries that their young employees have, such as flexible schedules to help balance work and school, and also not being too hard on young employees when they make a simple mistake. Overall, I believe that Baskin-Robbins is a great place to work for young kids just to have a little extra money in their pocket.
Love the set up and style! it's nice and relaxing, always something new and interesting to see. The staff is always so personable. It's a great atmosphere to enjoy a treat with your kids!
I like that they work well with my schedule and it is easy to ask for days off. I also like how well we all work together.
I like the interaction between the employees and customers. I would like the way tips are distributed to be changed.
I came into Baskin Robbins as a college student. They could not have been more understanding about my schedule. The staff is always so friendly and the customers always with a smile on their faces. It is a fast paced job but we have the right people to make it productive and an overall great experience.
Very nice job if you enjoy working with and around people. As stores are individually owned, I can only rate on behalf of my bosses. They are great people who make work very enjoyable. They value their employees and communicate it through incentives and team meetings.
I love my coworkers and my bosses. I've got some regular customers that I love too. Sometimes working alone can be stressful but otherwise it's a great job to have through school.
They have a great training system put in place for training and what is expected of their employees. Their products are pretty consistent in terms of serving them.
I am a cashier, I scoop ice-cream, clean store, and I am in charge over the new hires. I have been there a year and have had raises in the past due to good work. I love the people there and the management. they are very laid back you can have very flexible hours and and work when you want. The only thing that has been bad is when we don't have our ice-cream order on time and customers are mad about it. Other than that the job is great for my first job it's very easy and it's a lot of fun.
I was hired as a student hire at Baskin-Robbins. My manager has been flexible with my school and sports schedule. I enjoy working with the public and making milkshakes, scoops of ice-cream, and sundaes. I work well with the managers and other employees. I feel fortunate to have this position my last year of high school and into college. It is a nice environment to work in providing delicious ice cream and seeing people smile.
Working at Baskin-Robbins is easy. Customers tend to be in a good mood since they are buying ice cream. However, you have to buy a new uniform every year (which you personally have to pay for), and at my location we only are allowed to work night shifts.
Great experience. Friendly and hard working co-workers. Learn to build and finish ice cream cakes. Worked here for five years. Flexible hours put co-workers did have the habit of calling out at the last moment or not coming in all. Learned and completed both paper truck orders and ice cream truck orders. Took specialty cake orders.
It is a good place to work, especially if it is ones first job. Of course because it is a franchise it all depends on which location one is at. However for mine the hours are fine and flexible, although the boss can be a little passive aggressive about this. Unlike other fast food places you wont smell like grease but you will end up sticky and covered in ice cream in syrup.
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I enjoy working at Baskin Robbins. It's a fun environment for an entry-level minimum wage job, I'd highly recommend it to other students or teens.
Fun environment! Great for kids looking for a first job, or for students who are in a lot of extra curricular activities who are looking for work. Very flexible hours!
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