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Barnes Jewish Hospital Reviews

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The pay was good but the culture at the hospital is horrible. You are judged based on your uniform and there is a lot of sexual harassment that is not handled.
I love Barnes Jewish Hospital, but I don't think the employees get paid what they deserve. Most of the time you will see a friendly face and almost anyone is willing to help when needed. I think staff who aren't nurses and doctor's are over looked when it comes to pay or even just giving a shout out for a job well done. Overall Barnes is a great place to work.
Barnes Jewish Hospital is a great place to work. Al of the employees are kind and nice but the pay is somewhat low for what all you have to do.
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It is a great place to work! I work as a pharmacy student and it gives me many opportunities to learn. Every day I am doing something different which is exciting. I also work in more than 4 locations so I am getting to work with a lot of different patients. As a student, I work 15.5 hours per week. I am also able to pick up shifts whenever I want so I can easily get more hours if I like. They are also good at hiring the students on as pharmacist once you graduate. Overall, I believe its the best place to work as a student pursuing pharmacy.
Barnes is an amazing place to learn and grow. The company is managed well and is transparent with staff. The draw backs are due to circumstance, not due to lack of leadership or self made issues. Saint louis has its own flaws.
My experience as a employee of BJC is great, I get off work on time, I enjoy going to work socializing with my co-workers. The compensation, benefits, growth opportunities, management, workplace culture, work/life balance, stability, and location has everything in one job.
Really hard work, but a great place to learn and a great place for newbies with a really good training effort. Worked here as a R.N. Decent work environment, so-so patient ratios, decent team work. Decent place for travel nurses.
I've been with this company for a fairly short amount of time but so far I am very pleased with my experience. I am convinced this a company one can develop a long lasting career, no matter what department. This company provides a person with the necessary tools to be great.
I love working at the hospital the environment is very diverse and it is a great place for career advancement
I love the benefits package, it is very competitive. The only thing I think could be changed about the the work place environment is more inclusion within the departments; it is a big campus and the sheer number of people at any given time working can make it difficult to maneuver.
My experience at Barnes has been great. Working with people who loves to do the same thing as you is very rewarding. There's nothing that I would change about my job. I would definitely recommend friends and family to apply for a job here, because they have something for everyone.
I have been a nurse for almost 2 years and I enjoy the company I work for. It is a friendly community and helpful to others. The company respects their employees and encourages continued education. The benefits are great and hours for my job field are flexible. Management looks out for staff and patients' best interest.
I started at Barnes as a new grad nurse and still love it. It is challenging and I learn something new every day!!
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