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This is a terrible job. Barnes and Noble is a dying company that works employees to the bone and doesn’t pay employees enough to live off. Management is also a complete joke. People quit left and right at this job. There are never enough employees.
I work at the FIU on campus barnes and nobles bookstore. I truly love it. It’s a great and positive atmosphere.
Barnes & Noble was the first job that I got during junior year in high school. I was so worried that I was going to fail but they could not of made it an easier transition for me to work there. They taught me how to work the register, explained the benefits of the membership (which you typically had to try and sell to each customer), and showed me the ropes of the store in general. My first shift was on a Sunday morning so I learned how to unlock and lock the doors while also seeing how busy the store gets on weekends. Great store overall if you want a low-stress job opportunity.
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I absolutely love working here. The store manager is the best manager I've ever had, the coworkers are great, and talking with customers is great.
I've worked here for over 15 years and have had a good time here. I have been able to transfer from store to store easily. I have been able to work with all different types of customers and enjoyed the experience.
Barnes and Noble was a turning point for me. When I got this job, I was able to move to a better apartment, get off government assistance, and actually live life instead of living to work. The environment is overwhelmingly kind, open, and diverse.
I have been a barista at Barnes and Noble for about 9 months now. I love the fast pace environment and my coworkers are amazing. They are very flexible with my school schedule and my manager, Erin, is one of the best managers I have ever had.
As far as retail jobs go, this is by the far the best that I've ever had. My location is at a college bookstore, so for the most part we follow the school schedule, meaning we have most evenings, weekends, and holidays off. Employees are a mix of students and community members. Scheduling is fairly predictable, with more hours available at the beginning and end of the semester and a slower pace in the middle weeks. Management is willing to be flexible with time off as long as they are given an appropriate heads up. If you are full-time, your company holidays are paid, and you get vacation, sick, and personal days to take as well. It's a very positive place to work, and employee discounts range from 20-35% (depending on the classification of the item).
I've worked here for more than a year now and I enjoy it. I seldom have days where it feels like a chore instead of something that I enjoy. However, I am very much a book person and that has a lot to do with why my work doesn't always feel like work; you know? There's a lot of customer interaction, so if you're not great with people, it probably wouldn't be a great fit. Same if you're not down with a lot of physical labor. Boxes of books are heavy. Trust me. I like it, but I know that my opinions aren't everyone's cup of tea.
I love working here! You learn so much and the variety of people you meet is fun and amazing. I seem to learn new things everyday and I enjoy going to work. Employee discount is very nice too! Especially for a reader like myself.
I loved the work I did, and working at a bookstore was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The only reason I left was because of school conflicts.
I like that my management is understanding and able to work with me around issues that arise outside of work such as health issues or needing to pick up some extra hours for the week. My coworkers are great and we all feel supported. I love working at a bookstore because it's filled with entertainment and education that turns into enjoyment across all ages. The store makes you appreciate the art of books and how important they are and have been to the world across all cultures. The job is easy for a quick learner, and going to work doesn't feel as much like a chore as other retail jobs do.
Love the store, and the managers, hate the new policies limiting hours yet it is a nice place to work at and very slow-paced mainly in the mornings, yet alwys crazy around the holidays
Great in letting someone learn every aspect of the warehouse. Downfall is they are pretty set that men do certain jobs and women do certain jobs. A woman applying for a position that is considered a "man's job" (maintenance etc.) will more and likely be denied or passed over for a male.
I love Barnes & Noble. The job itself is easy and rewarding. I love enjoy discovering new books and taking about them with customers. What I don't like is the robotic way we have to sell memberships, at my location hours are scarce because we often can't make payroll and the job is usually given to people who only want part time and there really is no way to advance. 2 of my 4 managers are awesome. My store manager is is mediocre, she is fantastic with customers and she is compassionate about employee hardships but, she doesn't really reward good work. If I got full time hours and felt like I was a valuable employee this job would be perfect.
The only reason I have stayed as long as I have is because they work well with my class schedule. The pay is average with the only raises offered are a standard 25 cents for a yearly review. There is little to no room to move up in the company and corporate is continuously having us cut hours even though we are always short staffed and barely have coverage.
Excellent company to work for and I love all my co-workers!! We run a college bookstore which is also open to the public. Our company is family friendly and works with us whenever situations come up. There are only 3 of us running 3 different campuses, but we are close like family and work so well together!
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I have been working part-time at Barnes and Noble as a Cafe Server for over a year now. The company is amazing, with great leadership and a wonderful environment to work in. The managers are very flexible with scheduling, and it is very easy to connect with your coworkers. The number of hours they give you per week is very limited, however.
The environment provided by the company as well as the process in being trained/hired was pleasant and welcoming. The company cares about it's employees.
It's a good place to work. Stable environment and if you're a reader/book lover it's a good place to be. Employees are friendly and actually care about one another. The work place is very diverse which I think is important and everyone is accepted. Hours are flexible, management understands that a lot of us have school, second jobs, internships or travel from far away.

The pay could be better, it's not very livable pay but yet again the cost of living in NYC is extremely expensive. It would be nice it they would add full-time employees again, mostly everyone except management is part-time and we only get part-time hours and no benefits yet the booksellers do the majority of the selling and customer service at the stores.
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