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About Baptist Health Lexington...
1740 Nicholasville Road
Lexington, KY 40503
About the Area
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Dense Suburban
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Baptist Health Lexington Reviews

3 reviews
I like it because I like being in healthcare and taking part in helping people. I have felt that in most departments I've worked in management has always tried there best to fix issues whenever I've had one. They also have things in place where you can't just get fired compared to other places they can fire you with out reason, Baptist does there best to keep employees safe and happy which is why many employees and patients prefer it there rather than other big hospitals. However, I don't feel like Baptist pays employees enough, and the insurance plans could be looked over, given that Toyota's insurance is better. As well as I shouldn't have to use my PTO due to the office being closed. I think PTO, vacation days, and sick days need to be separated, not use PTO for any second I'm not there. Promotion wise, it would be nice if employees who worked harder were given a bonus or something extra for there hard work compared to same salary for those who put little effort in.
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It is a great place to work. They treat their employees with respect and make us feel like we are making a difference. That's important in a workplace. Baptist Health works to do the best for their patients. I've seen it working here.
I enjoy the atmosphere and I like my coworkers. Management is friendly and office hours are flexible. Managers will try to work with you whenever you need something changed.