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Aveanna Healthcare is a great place to work at! All staff members are nice, and they are very accommodating to your schedule. Everyone helps one another.
I was already working for Epic Health Svc when it merged with another to create Aveanna. First non of the staff were aware anything like this was taking place until one day passing by the office for supplies I was given a tshirt and told that's who we are now. They claim to be one of the largest private duty nursing agencies in the nation but do not have PTO and the benefits package is like a discount program that we pay more in premiums and office visits that you may as well flush all your money down the commode. I love my patient and is the biggest really only reason I have not got the heck out of this company.
Its been a very good experience for me. Parents and managers are readily available for questions. Pay has been great. Commutes to homes are easy.
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Great flexible hours.. need more stability for OTA's. The company is working on better supervision plans for assistants.
I like the flexibility of the job. The schedule is based on availability. The office staff are very helpful in making sure that the schedule is correct.
As a field nurse, pay isn't great, no raises offered, health benefits are offered but at the employees expense. Company pays 0% for employees health benefits. 401k offered but not appealing. No PTO for most field nurses. No sick time. No pension. Tuition assistance is offered. That is about the only good thing.
Poor benfits but has flexible scheduling and pay is not as good as competitive companys. Unorganized management and does not take emplyees complaints serious at all.
When I first applied to Aveanna Healthcare I was in a miserable position and desperate for a change. Management was just as excited to interview me as I was to be interviewed. The enviroment is very healthy and everyday I feel blessed to be there.
Orientation doesn't match with field work. I haven't been paid on time since I've started with the company. It took 3 months for a sanction screening although I have a clean record. I enjoy my client, the few people in the office that have helped me with payroll complications and the pay an hour tops other healthcare companies in Erie, Pennsylvania . I hope that cooperate fixes these issues soon because people like me do work very hard in the field to pay bills and attend college.
I enjoy working with this company the hours are flexible and my work location is nearby my home. I wish the pay is a little better and there are more benefits but overall I enjoy working for this company The staff is always available to always assist you when needed
Great learning experience and hands on experience. Scheduling needs to improve. They hire new graduates and you can get clinical hours. They are very flexible and understanding of school
In the billing department, they are opportunities for growth. Management is engaged and ready to assist new employees. The companies leadership is looking to continue to expand the company so they are plenty of opportunities to grow within the company. Also, the overall culture is enjoyable however, performance is measured and work goals must be met.
The biggest thing I need education compensation. We are held back by the shortage of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and yet Aveanna won't pay for the required Masters. I also need a broad client base to keep me working year round.
My overall experience has been good. My pay has gotten messed up a couple of times which can be frustrating. Overall I am enjoying it so far.
They treat employees really well. They are very flexible and work with your schedule. They are always available to answer questions. However, they do not offer good benefits at all.
This place allows for growth. They are willing to train you. The only problem is that the pay is low. The hours are very flexible. It is good for students.
I've been in employed with PSA Healthcare / Aveanna for 6 years. The end goal of all of our work is very rewarding. There have been a lot of changes as the company has grown but ultimately it is growing and growing rapidly.
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