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2900 W Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215
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Working as a Health Unit Coordinator allows me the opportunity to interact with different kinds of health care professionals. The emergency department has taught me how to multi-task. With being in nursing school I've also had the ability to connect what I've learned in school with the material I've learned at school. The compensation and work environment is very stressful. Other hospitals pay around 16.00 per hour. I've been an employee for 3 years and I only make 13.10. The work load can be very stressful, as the turn over rate has been very high.
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To me, Aurora St.lukes is the best place to work in for a student like me as interested. Its good pay with flexible schedule. All my coworkers are professional and generous. They work with my schedule. If you’re a student and looking for a job, I highly recommend to apply a job at Aurora St.lukes. They have all kinds jobs positions that are open.
Great employment with great leaders. The benefits are great. Staff is friendly, kind, and compassionate. Teamwork is encouraged. Patients are put first. Service is phenomenal. Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center is the best place for employment and care.