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The company doesn't seem to care for their employees. We are always short handed and they don't want to pay overtime.
Great people, good mission and credible name in the industry. The company seeks to be a disruptor. There have been some recent changes and the company is feeling the impact, but I think they will bounce back. The instability has been an issue and I'm still fairly new to the company. Middle management could be more experienced
very good place to work at company cares about employees and the work to life ratio is very flexible
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athenahealth has allowed for much professional growth, I learned to both provide and accept feedback and I am very appreciate of time spent there. The company itself is always evolving which can sometimes be disruptive but also often exciting and means that there is always opportunity to reroute and reevaluate.
athenahealth is a web-based healthcare IT company, built on passion and the identified need that healthcare is broken and needs to be better. athenahealth is working to create a 'healthcare internet' which would allow doctors to share information - and for doctors to simply be doctors. It has been a wonderful company to work for.
Great place to work. I have moved around at different facilities and felt very supported. Excellent health care company and gives great assistance to employees. I have worked for Athena since 2014 and value my time there.
Pay is mediocre for phone agents. The benefits have gotten worse over the last few years and a lot of the jobs are being sent overseas.
i love my job here! It was the best decision I ever made when I switched job. Ever since starting here I have learned so much and already got a promotion. The people I work with are great, administration/management are always kind and helpful, open to talk to about anything. If I had to recommend a job to a friend, I would recommend athena.
it was a good position to get my foot in the door but thats it. it is mostly an entry level job to gain experience not a long term position for a career
AthenaHealth is a very progressive and fun company to work at. It is a meritocracy in a casual environment with a very progressive and inclusive culture. The culture itself is the best part of the company. "Bring your whole self to work," is the modo and they deliver. Where 'close' to what you want and be who you are, at work! Beer fridges, dogs acceptable, pool tables, and bike trips across Maine. It is a wonderful company to work for.
athenaHealth has been going through some growing pains recently and experiencing layoffs so the past year has been a painful year as an employee. Job security hasn't been the best but prior to this life at Athena has been more stable and I have really enjoyed working for them. The culture is a great one and Athena does value it's employees. I haven't worked for a company before really tried to show how much it valued its clients and employees through it's work and play. I also like that the company tries to be transparent with it's employees and let them know what it going on through company meetings and postings on our internal communication boards. Yes there are things it can do better but what company can't.
athenahealth is a great place to work. The corporate culture is amazing.
It would be nice if upper-level management could better manage corporate spending as the reason my department is being terminated is because of high costs.
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