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11800 East Twelve Mile Road
Warren, MI 48093
About the Area
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Area Feel
Sparse Suburban
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Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital - Warren Reviews

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I have been in their flex pool for a year and a half. There are enough hours to work full time. However this also means that you are walking into a short staffed situation often. As a flex person people are generally friendly and helpful. I have not felt like I have been dumped on or had an unfair assignment. The compensation is great. However, the position I’m in to float to all 5 locations. It is not as bad as it sounds. I really like it and it helps me to stick to patient care.
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My experience in working here is that they do not care about their employees as much as they should. The only good thing about working here is the people that i work with. What i would change about the hospital is hire more employees we are always are working short, which causes us to neglect patient care.
This hospital is a great workplace. The teamwork between staff is amazing. There are many different areas that make up one big hospital, and here they all work together to make the best experiences for the patient's as possible.