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766 Brackbill Rd
Gap, PA 17527
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I enjoyed being a part of the management team at Anthropologie. There truly is a shared fate environment, and everyone was great at being a team player. Management would be nothing without our associate team, they make the job easy and fun. Also doesn't hurt that Anthropologie customers are an absolute pleasure to work with!
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Anthropologie is a company that is adapting to the current economic climate as well as the new shopper. They have had to make changes to the company in order to remain relevant. This affects the employees as well as the consumer. The company has made changes to how it decorates stores, has ceased purchasing the antique pieces they were once known for, and are making more fast fashion rather than quality pieces. As an employee this means you are spread a little thin as less people are hired to do certain jobs. However, the community at Anthropologie is amazing. It feels empowering to women and there are lots of fun events. Plus they started a plus sized line, so there is a larger audience they can dress. Overall its fun, doesn't pay as much, and is changing from the way it used to be.
Working at Anthropologie really shaped up my personal skills and sharpened my eye for elevated home decor. I learned how to give great retail service and enriched my design style. The team and management strives to make sure everyone was on the same page every single shift. Anthro is a very rigorous company and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that main office members visit each store frequently to train employees and confirm that everything is running smoothly. My passion is design so one of the things that made me most interested in the development of seasonal changes in the store was the amazing, handcrafted store front displays that the visual team constructs.