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600 Grand Boulevard M-209
Miramar Beach, FL 32550
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Another Broken Egg Cafe Reviews

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The café has a cozy atmosphere for the most part and predominantly amiable staff. The food tastes good and hours are very flexible. However, management could work on overall efficiency and the staff's actions. Sometimes the servers will be overly greedy or selfish when it comes to other server's tables or their own side-work. When this happens, the managers leave it to the servers to fight amongst themselves until the issue becomes increasingly problematic. Also, there is obvious favoritism of certain staff members which increases negative feelings of others.
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I loved the people i worked with. My coworkers were great and inviting. They changed managers and the new manager was horrible. She was nit picky and rude and just plain mean. But if you were her favorite she overlooked things like being late without calling, or having a nasty attitude to coworkers and customers and even violating the health code. My experence with the company was good except for her. I even talked to the Reginal manager and nothing changed.
I have had a wonderful time working at Another Broken Egg Cafe! Now, this was my first server job, and everyone was very kind, helpful, and patient in their understanding. I don't know if this has been a reflection of the management that I personally had, or if it is a reflection of the culture of the company, but both have been excellent! I know from other servers that there is more end of day sidework than other places they have worked, but you always have your afternoons off which is nice.