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1030 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
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I am a current Service Desk Computer Technician Apprentice at the Angie's List/Home Advisor HQ, and have loved the work experience so far! From the day I started, I have had an awesome crew to work with, where I have learned the basic necessities of computer troubleshooting, all the way to learning how to communicate with other employees on a supportive level. The company offers awesome employee benefits such as insurance, health care, and a 401k program; furthermore, their employee treatment is substantial. Thanks!
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Angie's List a company that is constantly evolving. In the years of working for Angie's List as a Software Engineer, the company has gone through 4 VPs of Engineering, changed development stacks four times, changed CEO's and got bought out and merged with one of our primary competitors, Home Advisor. With the amount management changes over the past few years, Angie's List has a feeling of instability that spreads up to the tasks of its employees producing at times a sense of instability as to the overall direction of the company. Hopefully, once the merger is finalized with Home Advisor, Angie's List will have a fresh and stable vision of how to best serve our clients.

I love how Angie's List provides the option for it, employees, to transition from working on-site to working remotely full time. The management provides support and flexibility to employees as we build our career path via yearly performance evaluations.