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245 S Los Robles Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
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This is a great location to start a job in corporate america. I disliked the politics of it, in that promotions tend to be more based off of who you know rather than merit. Management is normally hired from outside the corporation, so we frequency have leaders that are unfamiliar with current processes. It is frustrating that we have leaders that don't understand the day-to-day processes yet make the decisions for us. There is average upwards mobility, I do not feel that I am compensated enough considering how much work we are given.
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Friendly work environment! Competitive, fast paced, & rewarding. Not micromanaged. Health benefits could improve. Good employee relations. CEO is assailable.
They are very adaptable and flexible to changes. They do what needs to be done to be a successful company and are very willing and eager to help employees find different career paths within the company if they are unhappy with their current role. Great, loyal company.