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I worked in AZ with the AMR company. They are a great company to start off at and you are trained well for both 911 and interfacility calls. I enjoyed my time there and felt prepared for the job!
There are two things this company is good for: EMS experience and friends. Aside from that this is a money making business and you are nothing but a number to them. There have been improvements and people who want to make it a better place for people to work long term but the things that come down from corporate ensure that this will never be a great place. Which it really could be. Greedy COEs don’t care about road crews or management. They have one priority- their bottom dollar.
The company has great benefits and ability to further your career. They can be very political. It is all about who you can get to be on your side. Paramedics are put on a pedastool. They allow paramedics to treat lower certifications like crap because they need paramedics more than they need EMTs.
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I have worked here for 4 years. The management comes and goes and lacks real leadership. The company would not be so bad if it cared about its employees and safety.
Coming from a 911 ALS background into a transport company is something as a shock. It is a completely different culture and style of work, and that may put some people off from it. While working in transport isn't as flashy or feel as critical, there are still many things that you can learn from it, and you get to deal with many critical pts with multi-system issues. The company worked with me to help me get my out of state license switched over to the new state, and offered me many opportunities to continue on my education.
Through the COVID 19 crisis AMR has done an excellent job at keeping their employees informed and safe. Just like any company there are things that need to be addressed and changed at a corporate level, such as not providing employees with sick time, this is especially problematic when a vast majority of our clients are sick.
Working at AMR was overall a good experience. We were compensated slightly better than nearby competitors, had a lot of available hours to choose from, good supervisors, and decent management. The majority of my coworkers were good people and hard workers.
There can always be ways to improve. Pay for one thing would be nicer. But the people are amazing and I enjoy working with the people that I get to spend my time with.
The workload and the management need improvement. To elaborate the paramedic supervising staff will attempt all methods to get out of doing work and delegate all work to the employees. There is no communication regarding progression between the supervisory staff and employees.
I have enjoyed working with AMR over the years; however, it seems within the last year that company moral in my local division has gone down.
Fast paced, high stress, good pay for dispatchers, good benefits. Like all work environments, there is gossip, most employees look out for each other.
I learned to be a good paramedic at this branch. The protocols are very good and I felt that I contributed to the community.
I love my small operation. My management has gone above and beyond what most do. We have a sense of family there and most of us get along well. AMR is a big corporation owned by an even bigger one, so sometimes you do feel like just a number. But having smaller divisions makes a big difference.
I am an AEMT for the city of Manchester with AMR. I love working in the city and providing 911 services to the residents. AMR has been a pleasure to work for and management has always been great to me. I have worked for the company for 4 years now, 3 as an EMT and my most recent year as an AEMT. It has been the best learning experience I could ask for, I have grown so much within the company. I have been able to become an FTO and enjoy teaching new incoming employees the AMR way. AMR has been great with scheduling and allowing overtime. They have been improving on training and providing continuing education. I Love working for AMR and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great EMT/AEMT/Paramedic position.
A company that pays well and gives you plenty of experience in EMS. I would like to see favoritism and drama between leadership and employees cut down.
Great company to start your ems career. In San Diego, they offer a bridge program to help new EMTs become familiar with 911 calls prior to becoming paramedics. They also offer a scholarship to anyone interested in becoming a paramedic.
I work as a paramedic in Yolo County, California. The company itself as a corporation and private ambulance service is unfortunately out for profit and it shows. In my area of Northern California, we are one of the highest paid and management is lovely. There is a lot of camaraderie among coworkers which makes coming to work a fun experience much of the time. The patient care by AMR generally far exceeds other providers in the area and the employees take a lot of pride in their jobs.
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I have been working with AMR for the last decade or so. I started as a dispatcher and worked up to Comm Center Supervisor. I then transferred over to the Data Analytics department and have been there for the last five years. I love it. The company has excellent benefits and several other companies they work with (like ATT) which provide discounts to employees. They take good care of their employees as well as provide us with ways to better ourselves.
911 EMS system covering rural and suburban areas. Cons: Lack in communication. Pros: nice equipment, coworkers are pleasant, diverse response community, great support from local fire departments, amazing medical director.
Great opportunities for working with patients. However, sometimes it feels that the company prioritizes money more than patients.
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