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I liked the environment of the workplace and all the employees were very nice and always there to help new employees get familiar with the job.
I liked the actual job, because fashion has always been an interest of mine. I held the title of Denim Expert and it was so fun and interesting to study the different types of denim and be able to help customers in finding the perfect pair of jeans. I also LOVED the curated AEO playlists. I still listen to them on spotify! My only negative experience was with the manager there.
The company is selfish with its workers. Minimum pay, 4 hour days and little to no flexibility and understanding of life. The employee discount is great but other than that the workplace is not ideal.
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The employee discount was great, but they demand you to know too much about the products for a minimum wage job.
American Eagles brand is authentic, open, and inclusive to everyone. It’s an amazing company that supports equal rights and community while maintaining a trendy cost affordable brand that never goes out of style.
I love the company and how inclusive they are! Everyone that I have worked with have been easy to get along with and I have had little to no problems with any management.
Great company to work for as a retail job. The company hires great managers that care about their employees. The pay is typically minimum wage for a store associate but you get good discounts in addition.
For a retail job, my experience was actually not bad. I don't recall too many bad experiences with customers. Most of the problems were with the poor management and lack of cooperation between employees. Managers were not reliable and would often forget about hours you had requested off or were simply not able to work.
It's been a good year and 4 months. I like working there and it's a good part time job that's near where I live. It's a quite nice environment, and has flexible work hours.
They have good benefits if you are full time and the discounts are great ! Everyone is super friendly
It was a great job but there was little room for growth and people tend to come and go there was a revolving door of employees.
This is a great place to work. All the managers are very supportive to all of the staff members. There is area for professional development and growth at each level. I enjoy my work at American Eagle.
I love my team and the everyday opportunity to connect with people. You get to build relationships and build up confidence in others with fashion forward clothes!
It was fun and I like the people that I worked with. The one thing that I din't like was the most people played favorite.
I have been an employee for American Eagle/Aerie for more than eight months. I have had the pleasure of working at two separate retail locations. I have encountered some of the friendliest, diligent, and intelligent individuals I have ever met while working at both locations. There is an incredible rapport between employees. Customers are treated with the utmost kindness and sincerity, no matter the day or situation. I can truly say that I am enjoying my time working for this company.
The benefits with the company are really good. They have good intentions. They always put the customer first so that they have the best expierence in the store.
I have worked with American Eagle for about 4 years starting in high school and in college. My overall experience was positive, I made amazing friends and developed skills that will aid in my future career and personal life.
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I started working here at age 15, which is great as most companies require you to be 18. They are pretty flexible with my schedule and understand that school responsibilities come first. The clothing discounts have to be the best part of the job!
I like working for the company because it provides a fun environment and overall pretty chill. The employee discount is probably the best benefit of working there. The only thing I dislike is the lack of hours at times
Your experience American Eagle depends on the managers an other employees, majority of my managers were very unprofessional. During my time they were not supportive whatsoever. If there was a customer that was upset and took their anger out on me, the managers would not try to help to diffuse the situation.
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