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12700 Hill Country Boulevard
Austin, TX 78738
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I LOOOOOOVVEEEEEE American Campus Communities! My co-workers, managers, and all other staff are AMAZING people! This is a company I can truly say I am grateful to be apart of. Everyone loves their job and it shows throughout the efforts of taking care of our community. Each and every employee goes out of his/her way to make sure that the residents of our community are comfortable and satisfied within their living space.
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I have absolutely loved working for ACC. They are very organized, structured, and well-ran. I love getting to know our residents while also creating relationships with my co-workers and managers. Getting a discount on rent is also a huge plus! I am a student worker that has flexible hours and gets paid well!
I was a community assistant. I appreciated that we got a rent discount and free parking but I did not like how they treated us. The res managers docked our pay by $1 and didn't tell us, made us do their work for them so they can go home on time, set standards and precedents for us that they don't follow, listen to us but don't actually do anything to change, etc. This includes corporate staff as they come to our office quite frequently.