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Amazon is a good place to work. I love the opportunities for growth within the company. I also love the great choices for health benefits that are offered from this company. There are some things that I do not like about this company and that is the long hours that are worked during the peak seasons. The only issue I have with this company that is there is not any flexibility for time off. There could be some serious things going on in your life and if you do not have time to cover you being gone then you get fired. I need more compassion from this company.
I would say that the pay is awesome, however, because I am affiliated with Amazon Prime Now, I do not get the same benefits as if I worked inside an Amazon fulfillment warehouse. I do not get a set schedule. My schedule is dependent on what hours I can grab. Hours are posted daily and are piecemealed out. I do not get benefits because there is usually a work hours cap of 25 hours. You legally need to work 30 hours weekly and consecutively for one year to qualify for the Affordable Care Act benefits. I have managers who exemplify poor leadership/management skills because they make the same mistakes every week. If they're not learning or growing, then how are we as associates supposed to learn or grow?
I enjoy working here, they work with my school schedule. They offer Amazon stock. I am
able to give away shifts if I become too overwhelmed with school and homework. I am
Also able to pick up extra shifts when I have a little down time. The managers speak to you as a human and not as if they’re above you. It’s very fast paced which makes the work shift go by super fast.
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Warehouse associate for the past two years. I enjoy working in this building and love the set schedule. I am able to work at night and go to school during the day. I enjoy the free coffee. Moving up is possible for a lot of people if you work really hard and let them know you want to move up. Most people are friendly and nice to work with although most of the job is done alone teamwork is still important.
I love that it is at the forefront of innovation! it is one of the top best places to work and I now I know why!
Change hours and better time if for part time employees. The part time employees dont get the same benefits as a fulltime employee. The job have its perks and downfall
The workplace is amazing place to work. The management at the site are understanding and reasonable. They make sure that their employees are respected and treated with respect. Working for Amazon is reasonable the hours could be better the benefits are amazing.
Working at an Amazon warehouse is a great opportunity for college students and people in between jobs. Once a potential employee passes a drug test and background check, they are hired for the job. The process is also very quick. You could be hired within 2 weeks. The work itself is physical, but it is something that you can get used to. The days are very long, with one paid and one unpaid half hour breaks. \You work the same shifts each week which makes planning other things easy. Having 3 days off is also a nice bonus for those working full time. Sometimes employees may feel they have to compromise safety rules in order to meet the expectations. Additionally, it would be nice to see more of a community at the warehouse. Managers may not always know the associates, and there is not much time to address individual needs. I feel like adding in some time to communicate with associates and managers about concerns without affecting rates would improve the work environment.
So far the job have been really good for me especially with the flexible hours. The managers were very understanding when I mentioned I was enrolling in school full time and I needed to switch my shifts or switch to the Alpha shift which is the flexible schedule. The managers had no problem placing me in a shift that best suited me because I did not want to leave the company.
Its good if you know how to communicate and go above to get a answer but HR kinda sucks and management sucks but there are good benefits just not good management.
Amazon is one of the best places to work. I have been working there nine years ago. This company is safe. Safety is the top priority. I like the diversity at Amazon. People who works there came from many countries and are happy to be part of this company. There are a lot of benefits, such as “Personal Time Off,” “Vacation Paid Time,” “Unpaid Time,” “Parental Leave,” “401K,” and medical insurance. You can manage your Unpaid Time and Personal Time Off as you desire without any prior approval. Amazon is represented in many countries. I would like it to be extended in West Africa.
It's not the place where workers can slack off. The job itself would help the individual to build their personalities and character. I did see myself change big time while working at Amazon.
I love it and people are very nice I am a driver pay is great and I get paid every week you can't beat that. You don't put miles on your car you can use a company van. The people are friendly and there are always something the company is doing like barbeques also dunk tanks also prizes for the workers. They also have something for employee of the month. They have free waters coffee and also tea.
Working for Amazon was a rewarding experience. As a delivery driver, you are expected to work only four days a week at ten hours and you are encouraged to work an extra day for overtime pay. There are many opportunities to make a lot of money with this company.
I would like to see more PTO and UPT. It's hard to take time off if you need to especially with the long hours. Managers are hardly around. If you need help you have to get lucky to find someone that can help you. Work hard is not rewarded sometimes it get ignored until you don't produce the same
Flexible hours, good pay, good for young adults, short term job, very physical. Overall experience is ok. However, amazon does not want to keep long term workers and is best for short term money making. If there is an economic downturn, you would definitely be the first people to go.
Re-selling on amazon is one of the best opportunities in the internet age. It helps people who dont have a job or are exploring entrepreneurship a chance to feel what it's like to somewhat own your own business,
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I like how it’s a friendly environment to work in. I didn’t like how everything is determined by your rates.
Despite rumblings about how Amazon treats its warehouse workers, my experience in an Amazon warehouse has been mostly positive. To be completely fair, there are certain roles at the warehouse that can be considered fairly dangerous and I detest working these roles but for the most part it is a fairly physical job with an exceptional managing staff that really reinforces how friendly and team oriented the warehouse environment is. It is admittedly a physically taxing job but management warns you how physical the job can be before they hire you so there is no excuse for being surprised to walk or be on your feet for hours at a time.
For me personally, this place, it’s workers and managers smile the most out of any work place I have ever been employeed with. Friendly and free spirited, for the most it seems, amongst some of the kind hearted people from the get go I have ever encountered. Do your job and treat others how you want to be treated, is all I can really say about the company thus far.
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