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My overall experience was great until a family member became ill. They were great with my original leave request, but when I requested to extend it it was denied. The bottom line for them is all that mattered.
Many of the rules and healthcare changes that the company has taken has degraded compared under the Cablevision umbrella. The opportunity to change careers within the company can feel like an uphill battle and politics are an unfortunate reality. The pay however is great but is not worth the difficult stress
They have no consideration for their employees. If you work there, prepare to be exploited because you are nothing but a animal to them. They give you impossible tasks to complete because the tools provided do not work. All they care about is making money at any cost and at the expense of the customers. If you don't sell your soul the ending result is termination. The executives increase customers' bills but we are the ones who have to deal with the yelling and insults. The way the execs show their appreciation is by giving us lousy pizza or cheap water bottles. Management is constantly on your back watching your every move. They even monitor your visits to the bathroom. Save yourself the headache and avoid this company because you will regret it.
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A couple years ago there was a change in ownership and the first decisions that were made was to cut cost at the expense of employees. Nothing has improved since then, the company boasts of large profits, this is due to employees perks being cut and not increase is customers.
It is a great opportunity to get your feet into the door/world of a call center environment. I would definitely recommend this position to people around me. The down part about working here though would be the flexibility of the schedules.
good place to work...good compensation,and benefits, prime location in a very safe neighborhood..opportunity to travel (possibly abroad)
I liked the yearly Christmas bonus and would like to see that restored. The work environment used to encourage celebration of co-workers but now it feels like it's all about work. Not enough is done to show actual appreciation of the worker's efforts to be present. It has become just a job culture as opposed to the almost family work culture of pastr years before the buy out.
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