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9510 Ormsby Station Road
Louisville, KY 40223
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Almost Family Reviews

3 reviews
When i started working there, the management was average. They were fairly friendly, you could easily talk to them. As it got near my end, a new management took over. They cut everyone's pay who was making over 10 an hour. I got wrote up for a mistake that i wasn't trained on by the new management.

I really enjoyed the families that i worked for though. That's really all that matters.
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I liked being able to make my own schedule, the staff was great and understandable. When I try to take vacation time off I was encouraged not to
Love caring for my patients but the staff turnover is great here and this adds stress to the employees as they try to aide the patients in their needs and diagnosis. The employees are not treated as assets and after 5yrs of employment with the company I still worry about not having a job.