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320 East North Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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I have been employed at AGH for six months now as a registered nurse. I love my job, and I highly recommend it to others. I had a phone interview where she asked me some questions about my clinical experience and told me about the company. She then set up an interview and shadow time. The in-person interview was very personable – the manager wants to get to know you as a person, not make you feel intimidated. After I was hired, my orientation was very structured, and they really did everything they could to make me be comfortable and confident to be on my own. The benefits of working for a union are amazing. We currently have a double stipend for overtime and we get time and a half for anything above 36 hours – the opportunity for overtime is always there. The perk I love most about my job is that the doctors and nurses are so friendly and work together so well. I love working for AHN at AGH and I definitely recommend it to other nurses in Pittsburgh
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I liked how everyone worked together, I enjoyed being there and learning from others. Everyone was willing to help each other and make sure the work was done. The doctors were really friendly to interact with. As a student, if I didn't do something right they would correct me and tell me how to do it the right way. The shifts were usually from around 7-3 every day with a 30 mins lunch break, so it was very fair. The hospital was a little but with help from the signs you could figure it out. Overall I worked in helping patients and proving patient care. A friend of mine also works at AGH and she states that she doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. She works 5-1 shifts. She thinks her management could improve and she could work better with her co-workers. She feels as though it is not a good work environment and needs improvement. I even feel as though people are always willing to help there. If I have questions even other people from other departments help me out.
Has been a great place to work. Opportunity for advancement and additional on the job training for nursing assistants includes phlebotomy skills, wound care, ostomy care and many other skill.s