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800 W Biesterfield Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
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Alexian Brothers Medical Center Reviews

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Been at Alexian Brothers for over six years, and do not see myself leaving there anytime soon. Great coworkers and supportive management that are there to help you grow. Work 12-hour shifts, but have self-scheduling so can adjust the schedule to my family work-life balance. The collaboration between different departments is excellent and helps to ensure the excellent patient care. Management is very supportive of furthering your education and provides tuition reimbursement. There are hospitals closer to where I live, but I choose to work at Alexian Brothers because of the support they show their employees and the community.
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Alexian Brothers, when properly staffed has a very fair work load. It is a very clean facility and the patients really like the atmosphere. I do feel like the company doesn't compensate the nursing assistants well, in fact, they've openly admitted to paying us below market value. They have since brought the employees to market value but I feel like senority and time spent with this company doesn't mean any thing because loyalty is not rewarded at all.
I highly reccomend it!
For sure one of the most valuable experiences I have had my life. The people are truly wonderful always eager to help and cover shift. The patients always seem to be in a pleasant mood despite their own circumstance.