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1200 N Kirk Rd
Batavia, IL 60510
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Working at Aldi has been a wonderful experience. The company not only cares for its employees but also helps make an impact on the community and world through food donations and go green methods. I absolutely love being a part of helping others and Aldi's makes that a priority. They care about their carbon footprint and about the lives of their employees. The benefits given are the best and their is always an opportunity available for furthering one's career within the company. It's a brilliant strategy; instead of hindering workers so they won't be able to leave, they build them up so they can, yet treat them wonderfully so employees won't want to leave. That makes all the difference. Aldi's is a respectable company that I am proud to be able to work for.
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Great company to work for. Their benefit package is pretty generous. They also typically have higher starting pay, compared to other companies. It can be hard to obtain a job here at times, and the applicant must plan on making aldi a long term part of their life. Hours can be somewhat demanding at times depending on what position you are working. Overall, generous company and once you have worked their for a while, they can be pretty flexible with your schedule depending on the circumstance.
Aldi is a great company to work for fast pace, hours vary and it’s a family oriented company. Working for this company I notice that they take well care of their employees with pay rate change every year. The one thing I would change about this company would be shipment and delivery we receive load approximately 15-20 pallets to do in a couple of hours with only a few workers. So I work hard in the morning to make sure the store is fully stocked and to finish the load before the store opens. The shifts start as early as 4:30 in the morning and the store opens at 8 although Aldi doesn’t provide overnight shifts. I believe having an overnight 3rd shift will help with stocking load and not having so much back stock due to the store opening we are unable to continue stocking.

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2223 Bel Pre Road
Silver Spring MD 20906

I work so hard to provide a future for my newborn son I don’t have family to turn to for financial assistance so grants is my only hope.