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43 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208
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I worked at Albany Medical Center for 5 years during the Summer months and college breaks in the Winter. I was a medical records specialist in the health information services department. The hospital was phenomenally run, and it was considered to be, by far, the best hospital in the capital region. My department and supervisor was excellent. My hours and schedule were completely flexible. I didn't have a huge amount of work piled onto me. In general, I got a lot of great experience, and I'd highly recommend Albany Medical Center for employment.
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I work as an RN at Albany Medical Center. I have been able to see and experience many things working here that I would not have at my previous (smaller) hospital. There are opportunities for advancement that come with pay increases, and for the most part, lower-level management just wants to see you succeed in your career. Scheduling is pretty flexible, and nurses on my floor are only required to work every third weekend, which is a plus for families who spend time together on the weekends. I love my coworkers and cannot see myself working at any other hospital. The reason for 4 stars is because there is some room for improvement in regards to hospital administration, but I have been seeing the hospital making changes to fix this.
Most people at Albany Med are very friendly, the hospital is almost like a little city and offers many amenities for its employees. It is a learning hospital so there are many teaching and learning opportunities within the facilities. It's a great place to start out and get experience in the medical field. However, in terms of long term stay they do not offer much in terms of retirement funds (in fact they do not match anything for your retirement). And considering they are a hospital they do not have outstanding/inexpensive healthcare coverage.